Do you trust our government to save us – why not?

Can American democracy stand the test of time, when all others have self-destructed in the past?

Where is our present course taking us as we enter an undefined age in communication and technology?

Why are we paying more in taxes while the problems taxes are supposed to solve are getting worse?

Why are our values and culture deteriorating, even for those who derive great benefit from our economy and enjoy a high quality of life?

Why is our society being torn apart, and why does our evolution seem to be causing revolution?

Government is not an entity that can manage and administrate programs efficiently. This is especially true in the areas of social programs such as healthcare, education, food and housing, social security and drug abuse. This is not the fault of our representatives, but by the natural organizational structure of government. Because of this inability to implement we see unsustainable costs, unstoppable debt, internal polarization and blame, tremendous waste, and the failure to find the basic causes, and solve the problems of poverty. This in turn creates anger and mistrust towards government from both the receivers of aid and the taxpayers who pay for the aid. This also leads to these two groups blaming each other. This blame and frustration can easily turn to hate and destroy a democracy as it has in every one in history. Once a government loses the trust of its people, the future of that society is in peril.

The CARING system takes the responsibility for social problems away from government and gives it to CARING organizations. They are not public and not private, but they are specifically created to manage and solve social problems. All the resources they need are guaranteed. Funds are raised from our individual and corporate income producers through a unique and comprehensive system. CARING organizations are strictly audited and regulated by our representatives. This change will be  much more efficient and effective in helping people in need and, more importantly, transform most of these people from receivers of aid to self-sufficient givers. At the same time it will substantially cut costs and taxes in the short run, and will reduce the needs of our disadvantaged brothers and sisters in the long run.

One of the most important features of this transformation is to decrease the constant irritation, exasperation and acrimony between our people (us) and our government. It will start to restore our trust and faith in our foundational institutions and make us a “more perfect union” and “beloved community”. This will also start new and positive relationships between our diverse citizenry.

If this sounds too good to be true we ask you to read the book published by THE CARING INSTITUE called CARING FOR DEMOCRACY: The AMERICAN FIX. In it you will read in detail about this new and transformational systemic change, how it works, and what it will do to save our beloved country. 

                                             THE BOOK IS NOT FREE BUT IT CAN KEEP US FREE.

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