Can the CARING System ever happen?

From the book CARING for DEMOCRACY: The American Fix

The CARING System is a new, unique and transformational organizational structure for a capitalistic Democracy. It is an efficient, effective and compassionate process to help our citizens when they are in need. CARING organizations would take the place of existing government programs in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Human Services, Social security, and Drug Addiction. Its ultimate goal is to make each person self-sufficient when possible. Under this system, over time, there should be less people in need, unlike the ever increasing problems and costs in our existing government systems. 

In our capitalistic democracy there are only two options in choosing who will be primarily responsible for managing programs to create social equity and caring for people when in need. The private sector or government. The private sector has neither the scope, the incentives, the accountability, nor the financial ability to deal with these monumental endeavors. On the other hand government is not capable and never meant or designed to implement, manage or administrate these kinds of programs or systems (Chapter 9). The Constitution gives government management responsibilities in only limited areas; the military, the infrastructure, the legal system and a few other mandated functions. Thus we have no entity in our society that has the abilities to properly take care of people in need, and in trying to do so we have created thousands of expensive, inefficient, bureaucratic departments and programs, while the problems are getting worse, polarizing our people and driving us into financial collapse. Along with solving these dilemmas, CARING would also make our existing Legal, Political and Economic systems stronger and substantially more sustainable. It is truly the completion of democracy.

CARING organizations are specifically designed to be fiscally responsible, socially responsive, and spiritually rejuvenating in the activities of creating equity and helping people. They have new and unique methods for guaranteed funding and distribution (Chapter 10). The CARING organizations would be chartered, regulated and audited by our government. 

The ways that CARING can become a reality is first to make people aware of and understand the system. Then we must start of a groundswell of support and demand for our representatives to create the legislation to experiment with the CARING systems in a few smaller areas such as counties. This would give us the opportunity to see the efficiencies and effectiveness as well as the compassion that CARING organizations can create at much lower costs. 

We realize that this would be a major change in our society and culture. However we have fought a Revolutionary war to win our freedom, a Civil war to preserve our values, and two World Wars to make the world safe for Democracy. Creating, integrating and organizing the CARING System into our society is nowhere near as monumental as those accomplishments but achieves the same heroic objectives. It only takes the courage and the will to create this fourth system to complete Democracy.

CARING will stop the historic cycle of decay that have destroyed past Democracies and we are beginning to see here. It will stop the financial waste and indignities of our current systems. It will bring us together as a people instead of ripping us apart. It will make the world look at us as the good and caring people that we are instead of greedy capitalists. It would create a true joy in giving and dignity in receiving. It will truly bless America.

This is discussed and explained in detail in the book CARING for DEMOCRACY: The American Fix published by the non-profit INSTITUTE for CARING Inc. Please visit our website to receive the book.