If you need a Legislator, Regulator, Auditor, or an Enforcer, there is none better than Government.

If you need a Leader, an Implementor, an Administrator or a Manager, there is none worse than Government.

People say that our government is more polarized and dysfunctional then ever before. That is not true. Government has not changed. Among other traits it has always been competitive, adversarial, and antagonistic which makes it incapable to perform many functions, especially management. But because in the last hundred years we have given it so many more responsibilities to try to manage social problems, and so much more power, that these aberrations have become more apparent and destructive. They are impacting our society in ways that are turning the American dream into the American nightmare. Each time we give government a new responsibility to try to help the needy in the areas of education, healthcare, human services, social security, drug abuse, we see another failure, more waste, more debt, we add a new group of special interests, and a new form of decadence in our society.

If we want to take a societal need and make its solutions polarizing, incredibly expensive, full of failure and frustration, as well as further exacerbate the problem, then ask government to deal with it. But if we want to heal America and her people, then we must find a better way. We are not anti-Government; we just realize the tasks it can do well and those it cannot. This is not anyone’s fault. It is a systemic problem. 

Our private sector is no more qualified or equipped to deal with these problems. In some instances, they are even the cause of them. Do you remember the famous Gordon Gekko line from the movie Wall Street; “greed is good”. Well greed and ambition may be good in economics as long as there are proper boundaries around them, but it has no place in a social system created to help people. That system must be fiscally responsible, socially responsive and spiritually rejuvenating.

I know it is hard to accept that we presently have no effective way in our society to give large scale help to those of us in need. Especially since we have spent the last 100 or so years in one box or the other, (conservative or liberal) telling each other how wrong the other side is and not solving the problems.  So, if there is another alternative, shouldn’t we look at it.

This is all explained in a new book called CARING for DEMOCRACY; The American Fix, published by The Institute for CARING, a non-profit and non-partisan organization. It describes a new system which creates a solution to the problems that have destroyed democracies throughout history. Problems that are now destroying America culturally and financially. We ask you to read the book and if you feel this is the answer to Americas most important questions, then join us in presenting it to the American people. To find out how to help go, to our website at instituteforcaring.org.