Have we really just given up?

Some time ago I was asked by one of our U.S. Congressman to serve on a committee to discuss economic development in New York State. This was nothing new for I had served on a few of these before. 

The agendas for these meetings were typically: At meeting one we would discuss the unsustainable and ever increasing taxes and regulations and how they stifle the ability to bring new businesses into the area, and to stop driving existing businesses and wealthy people out. 

At the second meeting we would discuss the many assets we offered. These included an educated workforce, a solid technological base of existing companies, excellent universities and colleges that provided many opportunities for partnering in research and innovation , plenty of natural resources, and a nice place to live and raise a family. 

At meeting three we would discuss how to bring new companies into the area and stop the constant migration of existing companies moving out, in spite of the problems discussed in meeting one.

There was rarely a fourth meeting. 

However at our first meeting of this group the Congressman stated that we would not talk about taxes and regulations because there is nothing we can do about them. The only advantage this provided is that we only had to have two meetings instead of three.

I believe that we and our representatives have, consciously or unconsciously, GIVEN UP on our ability to stop our country’s decline into fiscal and cultural collapse. We cannot stop our burgeoning debt nor can we create social programs that actually help the needy in our communities, and eventually have them become self-sufficient. Thus we see generational dependence on government, brutal and degrading programs that steal the human dignity of those in need, and an ongoing polarization of wealth and our people. These dynamics will eventually destroy us.

Our existing arguments are only about the binary choices of “government do more” or “government do less”.  If we do the former we fiscally destroy ourselves with ill-conceived, unsustainable programs, while not even coming close to solving the problems of poverty. If we do the latter we accelerate the polarization of wealth, leave many of our brothers and sisters with no access to quality education, healthcare, decent homes and nutrition, and condemn them to a life of poverty and crime.  Thus either of these choices will create the fall of our society and our democracy. The only thing left is to fight for power over a disintegrating society. As of now there is no solution to this natural devolution and historical decline of capitalistic democracies. I believe that many of us have even given up on the sustainability of democracy itself. This is the goal of our enemies.  

In the book CARING FOR DEMOCRACY: The American Fix, published by The Institute for CARING, we present a unique and powerful new system called CARING. It will protect and sustain our existing Political, Legal, and Economic systems. It is a system that is fiscally responsible, socially nurturing, and spiritually rejuvenating.  It can save our beloved country. 

We ask you to read the book, study the principles of the CARING System, and if you agree with its potential, join us to begin and truly achieve the realization of the American Dream FOR ALL.