The transformational process of the CARING system

The caring system is a revolution of thought and process. It deals with our hearts, our minds, and our money. It is a new organizational structure for meeting the special needs of a capitalistic, democratic society. It creates new funding and distribution mechanisms for people to help each other in times of need. It will fulfill our aspirations to help people in the areas of education, healthcare, human services, social security, and drug abuse. Its intent is not only to help people in times of need, but to alleviate the need and make them self-sufficient. It is a cultural transformation that emancipates our innate desire to help each other. It is not political, although it deals in the realm of politics. It is practical, humanistic, and spiritual. 

Embedded in its structure and form is a blueprint for how our goals of justice, human dignity, economic prosperity and freedom can be manifested. It is fiscally responsible, socially responsive, and spiritually rejuvenating.

This is all explained in the book caring for democracy, the American fix, published by the not for profit, non-partisan organization – the institute for caring. We ask you to read the book and if you agree that this can save America from cultural and fiscal collapse then join us.