What do we see?

We look at people in this country from all walks of life; good people, caring people and we try to imagine what they see. Do they see the poverty, the pain, the crime, and the human devastation in our streets? Do they see these abominations seeping closer and closer to their doorsteps? 

Is it getting more and more difficult for them to turn their eyes in another direction and ignore the reality?

We imagine they see a perpetual downward spiral of our culture, our financial structure, and our country. They likely see the people who they thought were our leaders as helpless and incapable to stop the devastation.

We see people who see a world where facts, truth, honesty, and all the things they have revered and stood for all their lives seem to have become unimportant. People who have lost hope for a better life and a better world for future generations. People who have given up on finding solutions and resigned themselves to just blaming others for the failures. People who are full of frustration and anger. 

We see blame and hate welling up and overtaking the very norms and expectations that the American Dream was supposed to create and protect. The dreams so eloquently put forth in our Declaration of Independence. The environment that the Constitution tried to create so that our dreams could become reality. We see the rise of cultural and economic patterns that have been the destruction of democracies throughout history. 

Most democracies begin with a vision of freedom and liberty. A vision of economic prosperity through a strong, fair, capitalistic system. But capitalism polarizes wealth and eventually a majority of people feel the unequal sharing of the blessings that the democracy intended. Then socialism raises its head, and while capitalism polarizes wealth, socialism polarizes people. And so, we see our dreams self-destruct right before our very eyes. 

The book CARING FOR DEMOCRACY: The American Fix, published by The INSTITUTE FOR CARING, see the CARING System as the end to this cycle of failure. A system that can spark a new conversation of how to save democracies, capitalism, and our freedom and liberty. A system that creates a fair, compassionate, and sustainable society. A system that is fiscally responsible, socially responsive, and spiritually rejuvenating. A CARING System that can save American democracy. We ask you to read the book and if you agree that the CARING system can save America from financial and cultural collapse, please join us in presenting it to the American people.