What is really causing the polarization and destruction of America?

There will always be differences and issues in human societies that we do not have the divine insights or understandings to resolve. Good people have their sacred beliefs and no one on this earth can truly reconcile the right from the wrong. Abortion, Religion, Gun rights, the Death Penalty are examples. We do our best to live with and respect each other’s points of view, but these issues will always be a source of division and animosity between us. However they will not destroy us. Although not intuitive, what will destroy us is our failed attempts to give aid to the needy brothers and sisters among us. 

Capitalism is the best economic system ever devised to deliver goods and services efficiently and practically. It creates jobs and wealth, it breeds creativity, and gives members of a society the freedom to improve their lives in their chosen ways. It benefits people economically, technologically, and culturally. It really is the only type of economic system that can exist in a democracy. You need a free market to have free society. However in a capitalistic society there is always an unequal distribution of wealth. (It’s like a monopoly game. Play it long enough and one person gets all the money.)This natural dynamic eventually causes a downward spiral of wealth and social polarization that, if not dealt with, will tear a country apart. There needs to be a process that cleans up the “ash” that capitalism creates as it burns through our society.

The only method that now exists in our country and has the scope and financial ability to confront this problem is government taxation and redistribution. It would seem that this would be a viable solution in that government already has the right to tax and should be able to efficiently and fairly give aid to the disadvantaged. Also, theoretically, government is accountable to us. This all sounds good and feasible but unfortunately it is not correct. Although Government does give some help, it is not nearly enough. It does not have the ability to manage or administrate our needed social programs and in trying it condemns our people in need to generational dependency and brutal social programs that are demeaning and steals an individual’s dignity. Every person, especially our children, deserves and needs access to excellent healthcare, education, proper nutrition and a decent place to live.  Not only do our existing programs not solve these problems, but they give many of our fellow citizens the choice of lives of despair and destitution, or crime.

On the other side these systems create generations of tax payers who resent sending their hard earned money into the abyss of government waste, bureaucracy and failure. They get no joy in giving help to their fellow citizens. Instead they start to blame and begrudge aiding them. So we are left with angry and frustrated givers who rail against the system, and angry and resentful receivers who feel helplessly doomed to a life they cannot escape. The problems are unresolved, we are lost, and all we do is blame each other. THAT…… will eventually cause the destruction of our democracy as it has all the others before us in history.

The book CARING for DEMOCRACY: The American fix, published by The Institute for CARING , explains the causes and effects of these dilemmas in detail, and more importantly gives a unique and powerful new system to address these terrible problems. It does not blame or criticize. But it points out that neither the government nor the private sector has the tools to save us. But you do, and we can.