Misssion and Vision for The Institute for CARING

The CARING INSTITUTE is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that promotes THE CARING SYSTEM.


The CARING Institute is a non-partisan, independent, non-profit organization that inspires and advances the establishment of The CARING SYSTEM. This system has common sense solutions to broken social and economic government programs. The Institute creates a groundswell of engagement for all the American people to embrace the CARING system, activate their voices, and realize America


By using THE CARING SYSTEM, create a culture in a society with a Democratic form of government that unites the people by having them have direct responsibility in forming a loving, compassionate and thriving society.


To educate, excite and motivate the people of the United States, and other Democracies, to constitute a new system to create social equity, justice, and dignity throughout the entire spectrum of human services. A new system that guarantees all citizens access to quality education, healthcare, social security, “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” at substantial savings to American taxpayers.


To replace the brutal, failing and unsustainable existing government programs in education, healthcare, social security, drug abuse and other human services with a new practical, efficient, and effective system that works alongside and enhances, our Political, Legal and Economic systems.


We will use our website, extensive social media, blogs, television and other media to promote the book CARING FOR DEMOCRACY: The American Fix, published by the not for profit organization, The CARING Institute. This is to start a ground swell movement that will create a recognition and demand for change and elect representatives that will start to experiment with this system to save our beloved country.


We will fund our operations through book sales, donations, and grants.