The CARING System

How the Caring System Can Save Our Democracy

The Problem

Our existing socio-economic programs originally designed to promote social and financial equity across the United States have become so ineffective, inefficient, and demeaning that they, instead, are tearing our culture apart and driving us into financial collapse. They threaten the very existence of our democracy.

The Solution

The CARING System is a transformational new way for capitalistic democracies to work with and sustain our political, legal, and economic systems. Five CARING Organizations will replace over 20,000 Federal, State and Local government agencies. Each CARING organization will be responsible for guaranteeing access to quality education, healthcare, housing/nutrition, drug rehabilitation, and social security, respectively, to people in need. Their ultimate mission is to make the people they serve self-sufficient so they might pass their successes along to others. In time this will result in more givers and less receivers.

CARING is designed to be fiscally responsible, socially responsive, and spiritually rejuvenating and will create a true joy in giving and a dignity in receiving. At the same time, it will save taxpayers up to 40% to 60% of the costs of existing programs while ensuring more and better resources to people in need.

How are these CARING Organizations funded?

These CARING Organizations will be funded by direct payments from Americans using a new, unique and efficient mechanism that guarantees that these organizations receive all the resources they need. They will be chartered, audited and regulated – but not managed – by government representatives. Read the book to learn more about how the CARING Organizations will be funded.

Why CARING? Why Now?

We have no choice. Our current systems for giving aid to people in need is badly broken. We need a new and innovative system that stops the polarization of our society; eliminates the tremendous waste that now exists; and stems the failures, frustration and resulting chaos in our society. A system that will allow our government to deliver balanced budgets. A system that unleashes the compassion and true goodness of the American people. A system that will serve and bless our United States of America.

Please Help

These and many more philosophical, psychological and practical perspectives are discussed in detail in the book CARING for DEMOCRACY: The American Fix, published by THE INSTITUTE FOR CARING, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization. We ask you to read it and if you believe it will save our democracy, help us to present it to the American people.