The CARIST’S Platform

Socially Responsive

  • All Americans will have access to great quality healthcare and education.
  •  All individuals and families will have access to good nutrition and have decent places to live. 
  •  All retired people will have enough money to live comfortably.
  •  All people addicted to and/or taking drugs will receive the support and resources they need to overcome their addiction and, at the same time, we will stop the direct and indirect crime that is produced by this now uncontrollable epidemic.
  •  We will have a fair and compassionate immigration policy with secure borders and everyone in this country can be eligible for some kind of legal designation, or deported. 

Spiritually Rejuvinating

  • All children in the younger generation should become good, happy and productive citizens. 
  • Our Police and the people in our communities will respect and care for each other. 
  • The USA will have good relationships with the rest of the world and be a beacon for peace and freedom. 
  • The American society will be an example of brotherhood and sisterhood, compassion and goodness and strive to eliminate evil and cruelty in the world. 
  • Every generation will be better off than the previous one.

Financially Responsible

  • The USA will have a good, thriving economy.
  • We will eliminate our country’s debt and have balanced budgets.
  • We can achieve these goals without destroying, polarizing and bankrupting our country.
We have the solutions. In order to realize them we cannot limit ourselves to just the binary choices of Conservative/Liberal or Government do more/Government do less.
In the book, Caring for Democracy, The American Fix published by the Institute for Caring, has a powerful, unique, and enlightening solutions to meet the incredible challenges that we have in front of us. These solutions are actual. They are new and they are real. They are Financially responsible, Socially responsive and Spiritually rejuvenating.
 We ask you to read the book and if you agree CARING has the ability to save our beloved country from financial and cultural collapse, then help us present it to the American people.